Brings Us All Together
and Keeps Us Together

Business in China, U.S. and Australia.
Operating in Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, San Francisco and Sydney.


Established 2005 our focus has been on partnering on Sales, Distribution and Service of IT Systems, Industrial Products, Medical Devices and Computing products. Customers are in Transportation/Logistics, Manufacturing, Large Scale Infrastructure and Consumer Brands.

We provide our customers a total package of supply chain solutions in global sourcing, BOM service, supply and demand consultancy. We also help customers on engineering support in qualified certified organization in Asia. We have experienced sales and engineering team in IT, telecom, infrastructure, computing, datacom, to partner with direct customers, chancels, OEM, ODM and EMS clients to provide our expertise to win projects.

We have a history of business engagements in China , U.S. and Australia with private, public and government sponsored companies or entities. Operating in Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, San Francisco and Sydney.


We at Vistaup respect our Customers and Partners rights on all aspects of Privacy. It is our Corporate Policy to never use our customer and partner brands or logos in our corporate materials. We will not disclose any aspects of your business.


At Vistaup we are a global team of Sales Professionals who are adept at building lasting partnerships and relationships to enable your business.

Hardware Products

Electronics Components
Enclosures and Sheet Metal
Mechanical Components
Medical Devices
Industrial Power
Printed Circuit Boards

Software Products

Healthcare Management Systems
Hospitality Management Systems
Manufacturing Operations Systems
Infrastructure Power Management Systems
Manufacturing Management and Reporting Systems

Engineering Products

Full engineering lab test
Component Technical Support
Materials Management Services
BOM consolidation service
Smart manufacturing solution
Automation service provider
Supply Chain improvement consultancy.


24/7/365 ongoing Technical Systems Support
Component Technical Services
Materials Management Services
Procurement Management Services
Manufacturing Systems Subscription Provider
Complete lab engineering test report
Counterfeit part verification
Failure analysis
DFM improvement
In & Out material inspection
Supplier audit and qualification
Environmental protection system


The best outcome is the one that Brings Us All Together and Keeps Us Together. We value the trust our partners and customers place in us.

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